1 Year Anniversary Session + Confessions of a Wedding Photographer


Confession: One reason I love photographing weddings so much is because most (nearly all) of my own wedding photos have been lost. I'm still holding out hope that they're in some box or drawer or hard drive that's been overlooked the last several years, but so far no luck. All I've got are two framed photos on my wall. No wedding book, no proofs, no CD, USB or negatives. Nothing. Sad story for a wedding photographer.

A couple years ago, I decided it would be a great idea to get some new "wedding" photos taken (plus I really wanted an excuse to wear my dress again!), so we enlisted the talent of photographer, Jade Ehlers, and borrowed my friend's LA rooftop for a super fun photo shoot. Obviously, these photos can't replace the ones from our wedding day (and we look about 7 years older haha), but it's so great to have these special photos of us in our wedding garb :-)

los angeles wedding rooftop real couple

Which brings me to my point . . . well, a few points.

1. Back up your photos!! (and remember where you put them!)

2. Get a Wedding Book (because it's so much better looking at them in a beautiful book rather than on your computer screen or phone). 

3. Wear your dress again! Who says you only get to wear your wedding dress once? You spent days/weeks/months scouring dress shops to find the perfect one, and probably spent a chunk of change to get it, so why not rescue it from your closet and take some new photos? Plus, if you still fit in it, that's all the more reason to celebrate! (Or if you're like me, and have had a kid or two, find a talented tailor who can creatively make it fit again ;-))

And now, to this fine couple . . .


Christina & Dean were married just shy of a year ago and they wanted to celebrate their 1 year anniversary by getting all dolled up and doing a photoshoot. I had so much fun collaborating with these two and helping to make their vision a reality. And now I'm convinced that every couple should do this, whether it's one year or 20 years of marriage, document and celebrate your love. Oh, and eat more cake! 

Here's a little look at their Anniversary Photo Session in the orange groves of Redlands, CA. 

(Hair: Devan "Freedom" Rode, Make-up: Ahan @ Sephora, Dress: Pronovias, Suit: Rossini Fabrio, Shoes: Anthropologie, Bouquet & Boutonniere: Wildflowers Florist in Redlands, Cake: Martha Green's Dough'Lectibles)

styledshoot_redlands_prospectpark_orangegroves_cake_ macaroons
groom_ boutonniere__prospectpark_blacksuit
Kristi Fontamillas